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Play Parks Outdoor Playground Suppliers Offer Equipment Installation Across Sydney

Play Parks Sydney is the leading supplier of play equipment and playground structures in New South Wales. Our 20 years of consistent experience in the industry has given us the strength and capacity to provide a full service — from planning to completion — all under the one roof. With a depth of experience in synthetic and rubber grass installation and soft fall products, we are able to offer you the whole gamut of play space utilities.

We are proudly Australian run and owned so we can guarantee that your investment with us goes straight back into sustaining the Australian economy. With a full guarantee all of our installation and maintenance work, we are sure you will enjoy 100% satisfaction.

Assisting from Beginning to End

We are a true full-service supplier as we plan, design, supply and install. We will help you with your whole project from start to finish.  Play Parks believe that service should never cease simply with supply. We are here for you throughout, keeping close contact with you and your project in order to discuss questions and queries.

Our extensive supply catalogue is stocked with products and structures to stimulate both growth of gross motor skills and cognitive development. We are also equipped to supply and install shade sails and safety surfacing. Check out the products we have available to supply; from toddler, early learning and child care appropriate to sports and fitness equipment for much older children and of course our range of practical park features.

Premium Outdoor Playground Supply

Each of our products is crafted with the utmost regard for safety so you can be sure our youngest generation is secure on our structures. The materials used are of a top quality and are all resistant to heat and rust, ensuring your structure will last long into the future. This, of course, also means you will save pennies on maintenance work and general upkeep of your play equipment.

Commercial or Private Supply

With a wealth of experience in both private sale and commercial contracts, Play Parks is sure to be able to provide a high standard of assistance with your playground needs. We attempt to go above and beyond for our clients providing service from purchase to installation, specialising in:

  • Organisation, layout and installation of play equipment for primary and secondary schools
  • Contracts for council-run public parks and recreational spaces for local communities
  • Planning, supply and installing of playground structures in early learning and childcare centres

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