Playground Structures and Equipment for Sale in Sydney

Our Australian owned business has been in operation for over 20 years, providing and installing playground equipment, rubber and synthetic grass products, soft fall materials and many more outdoor playground fittings.

As an Australian brand, we are proud to ensure that, with us, you will be contributing right back into the Australian economy. This, combined with our 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our construction and installation work, is what makes Play Parks the leading brand in the outdoor playground industry.

Versatile Products

We pride ourselves on the wide range of products we have on offer. We are well equipped for your every need; from fully integrated staple playgrounds to single pieces to construct your own play space from scratch or simply add something to your existing area. Our equipment and structures will have children sliding, climbing, crawling, hanging, spinning and swinging, all with guaranteed structural safety.

Agility, Coordination and Fitness

We offer equipment for users of all ages. Our Fitness range provides active solutions not only for children but adults too. Ideal for the public park, help the local community improve their strength and form with their very own public outdoor gym. More specifically for kids, our Active range keeps curious minds and young bodies occupied and engaged.

Suitable for primary and early secondary ages, the Sports range offers equipment and play structures for spaces with diverse shapes and sizes.

Cognitive and Physical Development

With themed playgrounds for a variety of age groups, children can occupy themselves with imaginative play. Creatures, bugs, motorbikes and spaceships broaden young minds. Educational maze walls, counting aids and other learning tools are great additions to your Play Park playground and can be included in your design with something from our single extras range.

Only Secure Structures to Support Your Children

With top quality materials that are hard-wearing and weather safe, kids will play on structures that are industry approved and carefully constructed by our first-rate designers and fitted by professional installers. Whether spinning, climbing, rocking, swinging, crawling, scaling or traversing, you can be sure the children will be safe at play.

Our impeccably trained installers, with in-depth understanding of the occupational health and safety standards and current working with children clearance checks, endeavour to maintain the highest attention to detail to ensure the standard of service upholds the company’s safety and satisfaction values.

We comply with Australian and New Zealand standards and guarantee to meet all outdoor play structure requirements relevant to the structure at hand. You will have our word with our certificate of fulfilment.

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